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FireSafety Systems

Ensuring you attain the highest fire safety standards

Elim provides innovative, bespoke, fit-for-purpose fire protection systems, tailored to the specific application. Each project has its own unique requirements, and therefore demands a custom solution for your specific needs. Solutions include pre-assembled skids for pumps, sprinkler/deluge, hose systems, dry chemical powder, foam, gaseous or other special hazards. We have a quality centric approach that caters to the need and requirement of the clients who are looking for a product that assures them of both reliability and durability. The company offers such services at reasonable price. We are always price-competitive without sacrificing quality or safety and we have never failed to fulfil our contractual obligations. We believe in working in partnership with our clients.

Elim Associates & Constructions aim at work places and living facilities with no or minimum fire hazards. Our training and internal culture has allowed us to retain our employees, and continuously update their skill sets to adhere to new regulations and standards. Thoroughly trained and products of premium quality have made our installations, the choicest ones for a large clientele.
We provide Fire & Safety services like

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Portable fire extinguishers should be provided in the workplace as a means of giving building personnel a means of extinguishing or controlling a small fire. They are not designed to be used in an out of control fire situation e.g. where flames may be reaching the ceiling.
    There are many types of fire extinguisher, including:
    Automatic Fire Extinguishers - extinguishers that discharge when a source of heat is detected in plant room or confined space
    Chrome Fire Extinguishers - for use where aesthetics are important or corrosion resistance is require (marine/damp environments)
    CO2 Fire Extinguishers - for use in class B (flammable liquids) and electrical fires
    Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers - for class A, B, C and safe to use on electrical fires
    Dry Water Mist fire extinguishers – innovative new 'all-in-one' technology, for use on class A, B, C, E and F fires
    Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguishers - for use on class A (carbonaceous materials) and Class B (flammable liquid) fires
    Water Fire Extinguishers - for class A (carbonaceous materials - wood, fabric, paper etc.) fires
    Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers - for class A and class F (cooking oil & fat) - developed specifically to tackle deep fat fryer fires in commercial kitchens.

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression

  • Modern kitchens are often a prime threat in terms of fires because they have constant high temperatures and flammable liquids. There are currently three LPS 1223 approved kitchen fire suppression systems on the market to help you protect your kitchen and those who work in it. Kitchen fire suppression systems work mainly via water mist, which is released from nozzles above the kitchen appliances and works to tackle fires, not only by cooling but also by reducing the oxygen take-up of the fire, thus also preventing further damage to your vital equipment. Elim offer a full design, installation and commissioning service, meaning that we can give you the perfect kitchen fire suppression system for your premises, tailored to your precise needs. We can also provide competitive and ongoing service and maintenance packages.

  • Industrial Fire Suppression

  • Elim Associates have enormous experience in fire suppression for the catering industry as well as specialist applications for industry, printing presses, lathes and other specialist production equipment. Elim also provide FM200 fire suppression suitable for IT server suites, computer applications. The consequences of not undertaking a professional fire risk assessment can have devastating consequences. Most businesses do not recover from the economic loss of a serious fire. Elim offers affordable suppression systems to protect critical items of electrical equipment. Multiple compartments, panels etc.

  • Installation Of Dry Risers

  • Dry risers are comprised of vertical mains which are fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable locations, with outlets installed at ground level to enable the fire services to connect into the water supply. Dry riser mains present a readily available means of transporting substantial quantities of water in order to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire. They are intended for use by the fire services or other trained personnel.
    Dry riser mains are an excellent means of fire protection, allowing considerable quantities of water to be quickly and directly transported to relevant locations. This allows the fire services to better tackle any fires that may arise. Elim provides an industry qualified design team who will put together a full design specification and give accurate installation costs. The information for the specification can either be gathered from scale drawings, or a free full-site survey can be carried out by our engineers. Elim uses its own highly trained mechanical engineers to provide the best possible service ensuring speedy installation, top quality workmanship and highly competitive prices.

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Fire alarm systems are absolutely crucial to the safety of you and your employees, and it is vital that you have the best fire alarm system for your property. Elim design, supply, install and commission all types of fire alarm systems to provide emergency protection for your building and assets. We have fully qualified design, installation and commissioning engineers who have been trained to the highest industry standards and certification. Our dedicated engineers will assess your property and give you tailored advice on the type of fire alarm system that is best for you.

  • Emergency Lighting Systems

  • Elim design, supply, install and commission emergency lighting systems for your emergency escape lighting system. Emergency lighting systems ensure that, should a fire disrupt the mains power supply, occupants will still easily be able to safely find their way out of the building via the approved fire escape routes. Emergency lighting systems greatly improve the safety of evacuation routes, thus also improving the safety of your business and its employees. We offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages often undertaking these works in conjunction with fire alarm servicing in order to reduce the cost to the client. Our dedicated engineers will assess your property and give you tailored advice on the type of emergency lighting system that is best for you.

  • Commercial Sprinkler Systems

  • Elim currently provides sprinkler services to some of the India's largest warehouses and manufacturing plants. These services also include regular servicing and maintenance of sprinkler pumps to ensure that in a fire situation the sprinkler system performed successfully as designed.

  • Residential Sprinkler Systems

  • Residential sprinkler systems are designed to protect life and property at sites such as Retirement homes, Nursing & Care homes, Houses in multiple occupancy, Student Halls of residence, Hotels and boarding houses, Hostels & Residential schools, Hospitals and in-patient buildings, and similar buildings. or residential sprinkler systems to operate successfully and deal with a fire they must be correctly designed, installed and maintained. Whichever design and installation company you may decide to use, it is advised that they carry not only the correct professional industry accreditations but also adequate liability insurance.

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