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Good design is obvious.Great design is transparent

Elim Associates Private Limited provides impressive Interior Decoration Services for both residential and commercial properties in South India. We have an in-house team of highly experienced interior designers who have excellent knowledge of composition rules, designing principles, color schemes etc. Our comprehensive services include color furnishing, material selection, space planning, design narrative & illustration, finish floor plan, furnishings cost estimates etc.

While designing the interiors of the client's properties, we also keep taking client's opinions and incorporate his/her ideas into the design. We have wide networks and can easily arrange art pieces, decoration material, fabrics and furniture etc. for your property at discounted rates. The imaginative and efficient use of, colour, pattern, texture, light and space is central to an interior designing practice. Most interior designers concern themselves with all aspects of the design of a space from choosing colour schemes through to selecting interior finishes such as wall coverings, flooring, furnishings and furniture.
Good interior design will not only make a space look and function better, it can have a significant impact on mood and well being. The application of uplifting colour schemes, well-designed furnishings and furniture and the thoughtful manipulation of light and space, can all make a real difference to how we feel about and in an environment. An aspirational office interior can help to raise the profile of a company and boost staff morale at the same time. And it goes without saying that shops, restaurants and leisure venues that are inviting and stimulating inside will potentially draw in more customers. In all cases, interior design can be used to reflect status, ambition and taste, this is especially true of residential interior design, and at its most effective should increase the value of a property.

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